The appraisal services offered by THE HORNBERGER COMPANY, INC. satisfies the various needs of the clients as required by today’s intricate financial and economic environments. Both John and Tom are involved with the operation and conducting the detailed research and analysis necessary to estimate reliable value conclusions while recognizing the changing market forces. Sophisticated computer applications provide for state-of-the-art appraisal investment decisions and various types of analysis.


We are a full service appraisal firm and our primary focus is on the following types of properties:

  1. Retail Buildings & Parks
  2. Office Buildings & Parks
  3. Industrial/Warehouse Buildings & Parks
  4. Apartment Complexes
  5. Special Use Facilities, i.e., Banks, Churches, Hotels/Motels, Restaurants, Open Space, Auto Dealerships, etc.
  6. Proposed Construction
  7. Vacant Land — improved, unimproved, and subdivision analysis
  8. Farm and Ranch/Agricultural
  9. Easements — Public & Private
  10. Condemnation Proceedings
  11. Insurance Requirements
  12. Commercial Appraisal Review Reports

We provide a wide range of appraisal services, including:

1. Market Value Appraisals For:

A. Financing
B. Estates and Estate Planning
C. Divorce
D. Trusts
E. Litigation
F. Construction or Prospective Values
G. Historical or Retrospective Value 
H. Insurance

2. Highest and Best Use Analysis
3. Investment Analysis
4. Market Feasibility
5. Site Selection Analysis
6. Condemnation & Easement Appraisals
7. Appraisal Review Services
8. Proposed Construction

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